Game Manual 0 would not have been possible without the many contributors who have sacrificed their precious freetime (or merely found another excuse to procrastinate their work). I am especially grateful to Ben and Dan for helping port over Game Manual 0 to Copperforge, and for all those who have continued to add and revise Game Manual 0 during the busy school year. Game Manual 0 had been my dream for quite some time, and as an alum tremendously grateful for all that FIRST has taught me, I wanted to create Game Manual 0 to preserve and spread the knowledge base that might have been lost with the FTC class of 2019 and beyond. For this reason, I wanted to recognize all the contributors who have helped to make Game Manual 0 a great resource for FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Feel free to contact any of the names listed below via the email ( or through the other contact emails - I’m sure that they would be more than willing to help you out!


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