goBILDA (http://gobilda.com) is a fixed-pitch, channel based building system that was fully released in the 2018-2019 season. In many ways it is similar to Actobotics (and in fact is created by the same company); unlike Actobotics, it is based on metric measurements, featuring hole pattern with 4mm holes on 8mm grid, M4 screws, 8mm pitch chain, HTD 3 or HTD 5 belt, and metric shafts (6mm D and 8mm rounded hex). The principal structure pieces of goBILDA are 48mm aluminum U-channels shown below.

goBILDA U-channel

goBILDA U-channel (48x48 mm)

In addition, goBILDA provides low-side channel (smaller profile channel) to supplement full size U-channel, measuring just 12mm height and allowing for more compact builds.

goBILDA low-side channel

goBILDA low-side channel (12x48 mm)

Even though this may initially seem like a stepback, the use of low side channel opens up many new possibilities such as a kit-based parallel plate drivetrain.

goBILDA’s robust motion system, which is all metric, allows teams to easily build drivetrains and mechanisms without worrying about placement and tensioning. goBILDA mostly uses clamping hubs, eliminating the unreliable set screws.

Additionally, goBILDA is still being developed at a quick pace and is responsive to the needs of the FTC community. goBILDA offers a 25% discount for FIRST teams.

Kit of Parts


  • 5202 Series, 26.9:1 Ratio, 223 RPM Planetary Gear Motor w/Encoder x2

  • 5202 Series, 13.7:1 Ratio, 435 RPM Planetary Gear Motor w/Encoder x2

  • 2000 Series Dual Mode Servo (25-1) x4

  • Servo mount plates, attachments, accessories

  • Matrix 12V 3000mAh battery with XT30 to Tamiya Adaptor

  • U-channel, assorted lengths

  • goRAIL extrusion, assorted lengths

  • Pattern and grid plates

  • Square beams, u-beams, l-beams

  • Assorted brackets, standoffs, spacers

  • Gears, sprockets, chain (8mm plastic chain)

  • Bearings, hubs, collars

  • Shafting (6mm D-shaft)


  • goBILDA’s low-side U-channel opens up many new possibilities due to its flexibility and compactness. For example, one can now make a parallel plate drivetrain without custom machining, or make custom width U-channel.

  • goBILDA also has ServoBlocks (identical to Actobotics other than hole pattern) which drastically increase servo life.

  • goBILDA has native large bore hex shaft support (12mm REX is comparable to ⅜ Thunderhex) which is one of the main advantages of custom fabrication brought to a kit based system.

  • goBILDA also is able to interface with TETRIX channel because they share some holes. For more information about TETRIX-goBILDA compatibility, check out this website.

  • goBILDA has a well thought-out ball bearing based motion system with smart motion transfer. It is easy to do chain or belt in channel. 8mm chain and HTD 3 and 5 mm belt can do perfect C2C (center to center) on the goBILDA pattern.

  • goBILDA has plenty of shaft, ball bearing and pillow block options.

  • goBILDA motors can face mount natively into channel, eliminating the need for motor mounts and providing a robust, reliable way to mount motors.

  • goBILDA has some special parts are unavailable in other systems, like square beam shafts.

  • goBILDA provides a large selection of 12V DC motors. Their Yellow Jacket motors use orbital gearboxes (which are more reliable than spur gears) and are available in 10 different gear ratios, ranging from 30 RPM (and enough torque to twist off 6mm steel shaft) to speedy 1620 RPM.


  • goBILDA is not the cheapest build system; it is relatively equivalent in pricing to Actobotics, but REV is cheaper.

  • goBILDA U-channels are larger than the channels from Tetrix, resulting in larger builds. However, this is more than compensated by the fact that one can put a goBILDA motor inside a channel

  • Because of metric pattern spacing, goBILDA utilizes 8mm pitch chain, as opposed to the FTC standard #25 Imperial chain. This means that other kits’ chain and sprockets won’t work with goBILDA chain and sprockets.

7182 Mechanical Paradox Cubed's Rover Ruckus robot hanging on the lander
7182 Mechanical Paradox Cubed's Rover Ruckus robot hanging on the field

An example of a successful goBILDA based robot, 7182 Mechanical Paradox Cubed: Finalist Alliance 1st Pick (Detroit), Rover Ruckus